Nextlegal services is a law firm providing a full range of legal services to public and private businesses, regardless of small, medium or large, and corporates, institutions and individuals. We recognize that irrespective of the size or type of business they are in, every business has a distinct work culture and unique requirements. No matter how large or small, every client and every case receives the specific, appropriate and immediate attention that is required as this is the hallmark of our firm.

We as a firm, is involved in corporate law, litigation, labour and employment disputes, labour consultancy services, land/ real estate laws, document scrutiny, drafting agreement for sale, conveyancing, estate planning by way of wills and trusts, contract management, contract drafting and consultancy, foreign direct investment, arbitration, mediation and alternate dispute resolution, intellectual property law, incorporation of Indian and overseas legal entities like company, society, partnership, regulatory and liasoning services with various government agencies and institutions, legal due diligence and legal auditing.

At Nextlegal, our highly experienced and results-oriented team is focused on making transactions fast, smooth, and cost efficient. We integrate our knowledge pool of best practices from various industries and disciplines like corporate law, labor, real estate, intellectual property along with the experience with regulatory bodies like Ministry of Company Affairs, Reserve Bank of India, Securities and Exchange Board of India, and so on to give you the best action plan and solutions to your grievances.

The bigger picture is always of prime importance even when we give you advice of the minute details of a business deal. Nextlegal will provide you smart and creative solutions even when we face considerable obstacles. At Nextlegal, we understand our clients financials, risks involved, control and transactional objectives, and we help them achieve the same by overcoming any roadblock, big or small. We take your business from the very beginning, from incorporation. We will be with you when you crawl, walk and fly.

Nextlegal is with you from the very inception of your firm, and will remain with you throughout your journey, helping you fly.

The capable team of corporate lawyers at Nextlegal will assist you in formation of the company, help it grow and develop through mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, franchising, collaborations etc., and lend you a hand in case of winding up. Nextlegal will be there with you on all stages of your business, no matter how small or big you are.

Formation of Legal Entities: We assist in the Incorporation of Companies, Societies, Partnership firms and other legal entities in India as well as in foreign countries. We provide all legal assistance and consultancy to our foreign and NRI clients to start their business ventures in India as well as abroad.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Nextlegal will represent clients in strategic and financial acquisitions, mergers and technical cooperation, disinvestment and investments, which includes:

  • Corporate mergers- Private and Public.
  • Stock and asset purchases and sales
  • Tender and exchange offers
  • Leveraged buyouts and private equity investments
  • Joint ventures and strategic alliances
  • Secured party sales and acquisitions
  • Restructurings and acquisitions in bankruptcy proceedings
  • Disinvestment
  • Cross-border transactions

We offer expertise in unsecured and secured lending, derivatives, and securitizations. Comprehensive and tailored solutions are provided specific to your needs. We deliver value and provide allthe services needed to complete these transactions. They include:

  • Legal due diligence, including patent and trademark reviews, trademark consulting, environmental audits and analysis, analysis of pending litigation, analysis of regulatory compliance, benefit programs, labor relations, and other employee-related issues
  • Securities law compliance, company registration, and reporting
  • Fiduciary issues facing boards and senior management
  • Corporate governance and transition
  • Technology and intellectual property
  • Human resource and labor
  • Environmental risk allocations
  • Litigation and dispute resolution

At Nextlegal, we know business issues, industry opportunities, and market conditions which enables us to deliver efficient, cost-effective solutions at all stages of these transactions. We like to understand corporate and risk-allocation factors before conducting our due diligence, and we negotiate and draft acquisition documents only after we fully comprehend the target company and the business deal.

Contracts drafting and management

Our team of corporate lawyers helps the clients address a variety of contract performance and administration issues, ranging from claim identification, analysis, preparation, and presentation to contract interpretation, audit issues, and issues related to intellectual property, cost recovery and termination of contracts. We assist clients in all aspects of the contract development process. We strongly believe that predetermination of the contracting parties’ rights in client’s intellectual property is the most effective way of avoiding disputes during and after contract performance. We help clients and contracting parties understand the inherent flexibility allowed by the laws and regulations of the concerned area. We also help clients comply with disclosure, representations, and certification requirements, including compliance with labor-related laws and welfare legislation. In addition, we assist clients in the tailoring of teaming agreements and eventual subcontracts.

Financial restructuring

At Nextlegal, we take cases of distressed investors, creditors, banks in bankruptcy proceedings, winding up of companies, Debt Recovery Tribunal, Appellate Tribunal, Company Law Board, business reorganizations, and Board for Industrial & Financial Reconstruction. Our understanding of the stakeholders enables us to meet the entire range of challenges posed by financial insolvency.

Information technology is fundamental to doing business in today's economy. Acquiring and using that technology entails a host of legal issues, which Nextlegal is well-equipped to handle. Nextlegal's corporate team reviews, advises and negotiates a wide variety of data processing-related arrangements, including software licenses, outsourcing agreements, computer equipment acquisitions, maintenance and support contracts and distribution relationships. And since contemporary business is impossible without the internet, Nextlegal gives efficient advice on e-commerce matters such as preparing terms and conditions, drafting privacy policies, and compliance with the applicable Indian and foreign legislations.


Nextlegal will help you with real time advice in information technology and business process outsourcing transactions. We evaluate, structure, negotiate and manage all types of outsourcing transactions, including complex, competitively-bid multinational transactions.

We can help your business by structuring, negotiating and drafting information technology outsourcing agreements, business process outsourcing agreements, domestic and international distribution agreements, software development agreements, licensing and marketing agreements, joint ventures, strategic alliances and teaming relationships.

At Nextlegal, we handle the entire spectrum of intellectual property law. This includes everything in patents, copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets.


Our experienced trial lawyers represent parties in all phases of intellectual property disputes, including trials, arbitration, mediation and appeals.


We work with our clients to build, manage and maintain their intellectual property portfolios. We will help you to enforce, and extract value from your rights in these portfolios without the need for litigation. We also counsel clients on how to avoid intellectual property disputes and how to respond to and resolve intellectual property rights violations.


We assist clients with matters related to the acquisition, conception, creation, development, implementation, integration, use, licensing, financing, marketing, and sale of technology and intellectual property. We work on intellectual property matters that arise as part of complex mergers & acquisitions, financing, outsourcing transactions and technology licensing.


NextLegal helps you in sorting out issues surrounding new product development, innovation plans for existing product portfolios or brand extensions, all of which require careful planning.


We have a focused and integrated approach to help businesses enforce their rights against third parties, finding commercial solutions where appropriate, but litigating where necessary. We also help clients deal with third party patent assertions, analyzing whether claims have any merit, preparing defenses and counter-assertions and other commercial levers to prompt constructive settlements of disputes.

We advise clients who are preparing to invest in new businesses, products or technologies, based on the IP involved and on international IP exploitation.


Nextlegal represent clients to protect their copy right and other IP rights in in the media sector including publishers.


We work with technology companies advising on many of the most complex and high-profile IT projects on how to protect their IP interest. We advise on some of the most complex and international IP/IT issues in a wide range of transactional matters, including M&A, IPOs, joint ventures and corporate restructurings. We also regularly work on financial transactions where IP is the key underlying asset.

Pharmaceuticals biotechnology and healthcare

We advise on the full range of legal issues associated with drug discovery, development and protection, including ownership, protection and enforcement of relevant IP rights and R&D agreements.

At Nextlegal, we have a long history of serving the real estate industry and we provide a comprehensive, all inclusive service in our real estate and property law practice. We have extensive knowledge with sound business and legal judgment to deliver creative solutions toour clients.

Our diverse range of clients includes:

  • Buyers and sellers of residential houses, apartments, commercial spaces, lay outs, farm land or non-agricultural real property.
  • Developers
  • Owners, licensees and lessors
  • Commercial and residential tenants
  • Educational and not-for-profit organizations
  • Banks and other institutional lenders
  • Real estate agents
  • Trustees
  • Apartment owners’ associations.

By all inclusive we mean we will provide the following services to you.

Title search and scrutiny of documents and paper publication for risk mitigation in appropriate cases regarding any property referred to us in a time bound manner.

  • Drafting agreements for sale, sale deeds and registration of property.
  • Property Verification and property scrutiny.
  • Clarifying the title status of any property scrutinized by Nextlegal to any third party referred by your business, like your potential clients, partners etc.
  • All kinds of regulatory and liasoning services with various government agencies.
  • Drafting Joint Development Agreements for real estate businesses.
  • Drafting sub-contracting and service contracting agreements, sourcing, logistics and hedging contracts.
  • Formation of apartment owners’ associations and governance.
  • Conversion of agricultural land to non- agricultural and commercial land.
  • Drafting rental agreements, lease agreements, license agreements etc.
  • Drafting and registering relinquishment deeds, gift deeds, life estates, wills and trusts.
  • Mortgage and hypothecation consultancy.
  • Laws relating land reforms.
  • Representation before various courts, tribunals, authorities, forums etc on priority.

We represent clients in property disputes related to:

  • Zoning and land use
  • Land acquisition
  • Claims of adverse possession
  • Tax assessment proceedings
  • Landlord/tenant disputes
  • Mortgage servicing
  • Construction supply disputes
  • Real estate purchase agreement disputes

When litigation is not in our clients’ best interest, we pursue alternative dispute resolution to reach a favorable settlement on cases that might otherwise be a long and costly litigation.

Next Legal has wide experience in litigation and has represented clients in several legal forums including Civil Court, High Court, Labour Court, NCLT and other tribunals.

The firm has been involved in all stages of the suit including drafting, filing, admission, evidence, appearing and presenting arguments on behalf of clients, in proceedings both initiated and defended by the firm. We assist individuals and corporates in developing litigation strategies that enables our client an upper hand in their matter.

Our Litigation Services include:

  • Civil litigation dealing with property laws, contract laws, family laws, corporate laws and arbitration laws
  • Constitutional and Writ Litigation
  • Intellectual Property Infringement and actions
  • Commercial disputes
  • Company petitions and Winding up
  • Monetary claims
  • Debt collection
  • Employment and Labour disputes
  • Industrial disputes and workmen compensations
  • Consumer protection and product liability
  • RERA
  • Enforcement of Decrees and Foreign Decrees
  • Representation and liaison with quasi-judicial and government authorities
  • Criminal Litigation
  • Providing expert advice on Indian law and litigation

We provide efficient advice on all aspects of employment law, including drafting employment agreements, confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements, stock options plans for the employees of Indian and foreign companies, trade union settlements, retrenchment and termination of employees, as well as employment due diligence and audits of Indian companies.

Next Legal is one of the best divorce law firms in Bangalore and the most trustworthy law firm among clients.

We have a team of specialized Team of Divorce lawyers, to advise and provide legal services in matters relating to Marriage and registration, Matters relating to Guardians and wards Act, Matters relating to Hindu adoption and maintenance Act., Matters relating to Special marriage Act,1954, Succession Act,1925, Hindu marriage Act, 1955, Mohammedan law, Hindu Law, Christian law, Dowry prohibition Act,1961 and The Indian Divorce Act,1869 with our expertise and extensive Knowledge as per the Indian Legal System.

We have dedicated team of lawyers who works exclusively at various stages from the institution of case till its successful conclusion.